What do you think this girl is trying to tell me?

I was dating a girl, who was quite inexperienced, and everything was going very well till I eventually told her on email something I think it was a bit too sexual.

Latter we had a conversation on email too and I told her that I would be more respectful from that moment. Surprisingly it seems that she interpreted that as I was not interested in having a seriour relationship with her, and told me she was jumping out of the vagon. From that moment she never contacted me again, and that was a month ago.

I asked her if that means that she was no longer interested in dating me again, and I received no response. In the following four days I called her three times, but I got not response. Then I wrote her that I respected her decission but I cannot stay in that uncertainity, and I will consider that our relation was from that moment as with any other person till I could see it otherwise.

After three weeks and a half, after not having any response, I wrote her that I respect that someone could not want me as a boyfriend, because you need to like so much someone for that, but that I was having a bad time and if in a week and a half I knew nothing about her I would consider the situation finished and I would promise myself not to date her anymore, so I could know that the relationship was over.

I also told her that I felt too bad that someone did not want to talk to me, and that I can only explain it as that person don't having respect on me or trying to manipulate. I also told that I would never do such a thing to anyone myself.

Three days later she deleted her Google account, with her email and Google+ accounts with it. Then she uploaded several quotes to her Pinterest, and all they look like trying to tell me something: pinterest. com/lecrayonvert/palabras

I would like to ask you how you see the situation like. Thanks for your help.


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  • I'd say maybe stop talking to her or messaging her or stalking her?


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  • Mate, completely leave her alone.
    You're acting under the illusion of action that if you say /do the right thing she will respond.
    It's not happening, move on


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