Ex never responds to me, but will initiate contact?

My ex will text me every day (today is the first since we decided to be friends that he hasn't said anything to me all day) and I respond, but when I send him anything he ignores it. Any ideas?

We've decided to be friends for now because he's sorting his life out but he's willing to start over and casually date again. I'm considering asking him on a date before he goes back to college on the 6th of January, but I'm afraid he won't pick up.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Sounds like he's a little too wrapped up in himself right now. "Self-involved" appears to be the right term... why won't he reply to anything you send? That'd be the question I have to ask myself.

    • interestingly enough, he ACTUALLY did respond. Our chat glitched and I didn't get it lol

What Girls Said 1

  • He's basically got you right where he wants you. At a distance, but still within his grasp. I would absolutely not ask him on another date before he returns to school, he is being completely disrespectful by not responding to your messages. If I were you, I'd not respond to HIS messages for a week or so, that'll get him wondering what you're up to and it might even get him to ask YOU on a date, which puts the control back in your hands. Patience is a virtue here, you absolutely will not regain his interest by being more persistent with him than he is with you, it will only turn him off. Give him a chance to miss you.


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