Why did she randomly like my Facebook post?

I dated this girl for two years and she left me for someone else. They dated for two years and recently broke up. I have not talken to her in 1.5 years. I wrote a post to my best friend on Facebook (she's friends with him on there) and my ex liked it. My friend was also caught off guard. I've written hundreds of posts on his wall but she never liked them, until she just became single. I'm not friends with her on Facebook and I just started seeing someone and I think my ex knows.


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  • You Need to Now stay on your own 'Guard' here, dear. She is Single again, knows that you are this juicy apple at the top of the tree with another sweet pea, and thinking she can Get you and Grab you With... Liked them.
    Unless you want to spoil the rest of what you have going and flowing in your own hand basket right now by going along with her, stay clear, don't put her on your FB and just do Not... Like anything she has going on.
    She probably will drop you like a hot potato once she gets what she gets after her chase and challenge has been met.
    Good luck. xx

    • So was she trying to get my attention?

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    • This is exactly spot on @Paris13 ...
      Also what @Yesits_GalaxyHotChoc says, it's only a like
      She's testing the water, trying to gain your attention

    • @timmy111 thank you, sweetie. xxoo

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  • Don't go over the top with this if it means anything she will message you or will show more signs


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  • Well there's the obvious she may want to get back together, she may be feeling lonely what with just going through a break up, she may also simply just feel bad about how she ended things with you and now she's going through this break up she may be looking back on her other break ups and thinking "dam that was unfair of me, I'd like to say sorry about that" or something

  • Its just a like..

    • Then why didn't she like any of my other posts over the last two years? Why did it have to happen when she became single and I'm started seeing someone new?

    • Probably misses you.

  • Well if she's friends with your friend she may have just liked it because she's happy the two of you are still friends or something. I wouldn't think too heavily on it though.

    • She knows we are still friends. He stopped talking to her because he's been friends with me forever. Plus she's seen me message him all the time over the last couple of years

    • It's still probably nothing.

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