I couldn't commit so he left?

I still have strong feelings for him and we never talked this through but when it came to commitment I "ran away." Mostly because he was talking to other girls, even slept with one while we dated and I was thinking no way he'd ever commit. I really enjoyed dating but we stopped and started hooking up instead, this was actually his moves instead of breaking it off. I told him we can't hook up anymore I mean it was hurting me. I had no idea at that point what we were I suppose I left him because it was the only thing we had by then? He would reach out to me anyways just talking but one day just stops and has a new girl, quickly after all this. I mean he was talking to me a week before then suddenly nope he has a new girl. I do regret not committing but it scared me. We got into such messy situation I didn't know what to do. I try to move on but I really like him and it breaks my heart that he has a new girl and so quickly after us. I spent months on seeing him. Sometimes I don't even sleep at night, I get sad then angry and break down. It all happened so fast.. We don't talk anymore at all and I think he dislikes me by the way he acts. I feel that I'm angry at him. Help me out?


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  • You can't do anything just move on, moving forward will be the best thing to do right now. I think US Government need to introduce laws to regulate dating for both genders and that 50% thing is scary I mean boys feel better to find a new chick instead of marring the old one, new statements
    "You can have kids with out marrying your G. F" its doing more harm than good that's what your b. f thinks and ran away at the word of commit.

  • That's to bad.


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