Ex blocked me. Unblocked me. Blocked again. Help?

Ok so me and my ex dated for 7 months. We broke up because we were arguing to much and couldn't fix it. It got unhealthy. I begged for him to work it out with me for about a week or two. And he ended up blocking me because I said I hated him and so on for pushing me away. We went a month and a half without talking so I finally decided to text him from another number and he seemed relieved and wanted to talk. We apologized and forgave and cleared the hate between us. We talked as friends, until I saw him hugged on his other ex girl and I said something and he got angry because he said I'm not his girl therefor I can't be mad. He said we clearly can't even be friends, so I don't think I should be involved. So I said I was done with him and his mind games (I didn't mean it that much) he blocked me again and said this time in staying blocked so I snapped and said I hated him and couldn't wait until I didn't have to see him anymore.


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  • That's like half of the GaG populace for me. I know how you feel.

  • Yeah you two just need to stay away from each other.


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