My ex left me last week for his ex and kids what to do?

Dunno where to start met a guy he persuede me took me on nice dates was sweet kind and caring. we spent most weekends together. He has kids from a previous relationship and his ex is not very accommodating when it comes to seeing his kids. He loves them but she stopped him seeing them regularly. Anyways last Sunday I dropped him home she saw us suddenly she wants him back. And on Thursday they talk she says he owes her a lot and their kids and her mum is dying. He says he is confused we fight I say horrible things so does he. Saturday he contacts me say we need to talk we talk he tells me they tried before to get back she promises to go to therapy etc and dosnt his best freind say he is crazy to go back to her. He says that night he wants to stay with me. He then gets up and leaves lol texts me later to say he can't hurt me anymore just needs time to figure his head out but I think he is with her now over Christmas. I kinda know what I should do I just said hope it works out and I will always love him but I need to stop the drama. Do you think it was all bullshit?
You think it will work out?
Im just heartbroken


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  • I don't think he is intentionally trying to hurt you.
    He doesn't know what to do at this point in his life.

    He wants to give his baby's mother an opportunity, but he is uncertain if things will work out with her.
    He also cares for you as well.
    He's trying to figure out how he should move forward in his situation.

    I think as of now, you should distance yourself.
    This is a man with children.
    He's going to try his hardest to do what is right for his children.
    If there's a chance that he could provide a stable family like he has always wanted, he'll try to do that if given the opportunity.

    If you stick around , you'll allow yourself to be bounced around like a ping pong ball.
    I think you should walk away from this situation, because his uncertainty will only allow confusion to your life.
    He doesn't know what he wants.

    You deserve someone that's sure of you and the relationship you both can have together.
    Wish him the best of luck with his family... and move forward with your life.
    It's hard... I know.
    But you have to do what is best.

    • Thanks I know it just hurts a lot because I know ultimately it won't work out and his kids will be hurt. Just sucks but thanks I did just wish him the best

    • <3 No problem. Best wishes.

  • I don't think it was bullshit because at the end of the day theyre his kids and she's the mother of them, and ideally people would do anything to be a family even if its sacrificing another one they love. It's really unfortunate and it hurts that when she basically snaps her fingers he falls to his knees and takes her back. I'm not sure if it'll work out it, two people have to want the same thing. I'm so sorry your heart is broken but I think it's for the best, as much as you love him there's so much drama.

  • Find someone new, someone without too much baggage. I am sorry you are hurt, hugs.


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