Why is my ex boyfriend hiding from me?

We broke almost a year ago but stayed on good terms. 2 weeks ago he drunk called me telling me how he loves and and blah blah blah, the next day he apolagized and said he doesn't remember anything. He then said like "see you soon" or something like that and then he disappeared. And now he is going through all the truble to avoide me and hide from me. I didn't even talked to him much before, I said it's okay (about that drunk call), didn't initiated contact with him since then (no games, I was really busy). But now I see him somewhere and he literally pretents like he doesn't see me and runs away. Wtf? He didn't delete me or blocked me anywhere, but he made new profiles and accounts everywhere (ofcourse not adding me there). I don't get it? Why not just tell me that he doesn't want to talk anymore and I would accept it and be fine with it and we both can live our lives like civilized people? This is so stupid. We have mutual friends and everytime I call them they have to lie to me that they are busy if they are currently with him. I feel uncomfortable with all of this.


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  • He is your ex and there is no reason to care too much about his actions. You should care more about your friend's actions and why they are covering up for him.


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