Is it a good idea to text my ex Merry Chirstmas?

I was just wondering if you guys think it's okay to text your ex Merry Chirstmas. I dont want to talk to anymore then that. Anyways do you think I should?


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  • If you have no means of wanting to open the road to communication with her , my advice would be to not text her and to continue to move on with your life.
    Sure , wishing someone a great Christmas is thoughtful but what good would it serve when the end of the rope has already been cut?


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  • If you don't want to talk to her besides that, then why do you want to say it at all? I think it would probably just be awkward for both of you. Unless you talk to someone on a regular basis and currently have some form of relationship, family, friend etc. then they aren't really someone you need to be wishing happy holidays to.

  • Well whats the point really? If you currently don't talk to her, and she doesn't really hold a purpose or meaning in your life then no..


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