A girl I have been dating for 3 months told me out of nowhere she wants to be just friends. I know for a fact she likes me. So what's wrong?

We have had a great time together. And I like her a lot I'm just so confused on what changed. She doesn't even want to see me to talk about it in person. (she dumped me through text). What could make her act this way?

Her reasoning seemed clear but insincere. She claimed it was basically because I don't like kids or marriage and she has a kid. I reassured her and told her Im working on it for her because I really like her. What can I do to find out what's going on if she won't reply and doesn't want to see me?
Lol guys I am thankful for the advice. I appreciate your help but I feel you misunderstood me. There were no mixed signals at all everything was perfect, until this week. I have chased manybgirls who had no interest or just enough to throw me a bone and make it worse. I am trying to tell you this is not the case. I am not asking you to assess if she likes me or not. I am asking for explanations Or solutions to a girl who seemingly stops liking you instantly, for no obvious or apparent reason


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  • If she doesn't want to make it work and doesn't even give you a chance then she can't like you very much unfortunately. It sounds like she's really just not interested right now and likely doesn't feel this is the right relationship for her. If she knows you are working on things then it wouldn't make sense for her to give up if she truly had feelings for you.

    • Bingo. This wasn't hard to figure out.

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    • Thanks for confirming what I said. Hopefully it works out for him, but I see 0% chance of that. I've got to pull the plug on this one. There's simply nothing more to say.

    • @Knuckles77 I couldn't have said it better at all. You really summed everything up. I really hope this guy realizes he deserves someone far better and dedicated to him.

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  • Let me tell you for fact she doesn't like you. You wouldn't have been "friend zoned" if she did, she wouldn't have broken up with you via text if she did, and would want to see you and talk to you in person if she did. She's definitely 100% done with you.

    Did you tell her you don't like kids or marriage? I'm guessing that has something to do with it because she has a kid. You're telling her you'll work on it (she hears working on liking her kid) and for her, not because you like her kid. What did you expect to happen? Never mess with mama bears cubs and there's no doubt she saw you as an ill fit for her child at the very least.

    • I know you are trying to help. But you don't know enough clearly. She may not be able to get past the flaws I presented her but she really likes me. Fact she has told me countless times. She was comfortable within two weeks. We just fit, it made sense and how she is being now is just random out of the blue and scary.

      I know I should have kept that stuff to myself but I told her that day one. Why date me for three months if she couldn't get past it?

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    • 5 and maybe 4, is the only applicable thing on this list does that help? She just got out of a relationship and so did I, we were both not not lonely, so not 3. I'm a broke ass college student, I tried to spoil her but I'm broke. So not 1. Not 2 lol. she is just as or more possessive than me so not 7. She doesn't want to waste her child's time so not 8. Unknown thing listed, that is the Fucking question I'm asking!! And I'm notbgetting anything back but, "she doesn't sound like she likes you". I know guys she is acting strange and has for a week before she dumped me. Can I get some help and advice please?

    • You didn't need to go down that list and say what applied and didn't. I was simply answering your question as to why she dated you for 3 months if she didn't like you. I was showing you there are a million other possibilities. That is by no means an exhaustive list and I won't give one.

      I'm trying to help you. I've given you the best analysis of the situation and advice I can. I think you really want to be with her and your pride might be talking a little too. I think there's a lot of wishful thinking going on with you and your desire to be with her is clouding your reasoning, but I can't give you any other advise than she's not interested, to close the book on this one and walk away and spare your time, sanity, dignity, and money.

      Ultimately you are your own man, have to make your own decisions and live your life. I have nothing more I can offer you except to say sorry it's not going well and I wish you the best of luck. Hope it all works out for you and that I'm wrong.

  • Insecurity , inferiority complex.

    • What do you mean? (sorry didn't mean to down vote you).

    • She might think , she is not good enough for you, or you might be repulsed from her once you go in a relationship.

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