What does it mean if my old boyfriend posts an old pic of us?

He recently uploaded an old pic of us together in happier times. We've been broken up a few months now and I'm just wondering if he did that because he misses me? He broke up with me but has been trying to get my attention. I might reach out to him over the holidays. Why else would he go back in his Archives and post a pic of us?


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  • It's his way of reaching out. Contact him if you truly miss him.


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  • He may miss you.

    His actions show that he probably regretted his decision to leave you.

    Sometimes people don't realize what they had until it's gone.

    I think you should reach out to him and talk to him.

    Decide if you are willing to go back.

    I hope this time is different and he doesn't walk away from you.
    You have to decide if he's worth that risk and the potential hurt to come.


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