Is it okay to text an ex Merry Christmas a few days after you broke up?

And if it ended in a weird way (not bad not good), would it be okay if I tried to get closure and how do I do that?


Most Helpful Guy

  • Not a good idea. it's like (I am despaired without you)
    Sorry for harsh words.


Most Helpful Girl

  • If you have to wonder, you probably shouldn't tbqh.

    • I mean, is it wrong to do it if it's done out of nice intentions?

    • Dragging yourself back into his life on *Christmas* isn't exactly a nice intention.

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What Guys Said 1

  • Accept that it's finished and move on.

    • What if I wanna be friends with him? I'm the one that broke up with him.

    • What will that accomplish? Nothing! You don't really want to be friends, you just want him back.

What Girls Said 1

  • I don't think so! Its just causes more stress!

    • How does it cause more stress? For me or for him? I mean, I still wanna be friendly but if a simple message like merry Christmas will affect him, then I don't wanna send it.

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    • Should I do that after New Years and everything?

    • I think so! Just do what makes you happy! You want text and call him than do it!

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