Started talking with ex again after 1,5 years and there is still something thats bugfing me. Should I ask it?

So me and my ex broke up almost two years ago. We dates for two years as well. Our break up was good, no fights and even though i did not want it, i understood why she did it.. We grew apart. Recently we started talking again, we talked about our break up, first date etc. Basically just reliving memories. One thing she said when we broke up that is still haunting my head is: "i truly believe we will get back together one day". I dont know if she said it to take away some of my pain or if she really thought that way. I want to ask her but i am afraid it will scare her and she might think i am still deeply in love with her (wich i am not, she still means a lot to me and i would give it a second chance if we ever got there, but no serious love feelings).

i like that i can talk to her normally since we always got along really well, i dont want to lose that and i dont want to scare her off by asking weird questions (like this one might be?).

So if you were in my ex girlfriends position, would it be a weird question to you?


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  • Personally, I wouldn't ask her. It isn't weird to ask... just to early to ask. You've just started talking again, so it may prevent the friendship progressing. I would wait to see how things develop between you. You'll get back together gradually without having to be direct about it.

    I believe if you are meant to be together it'll happen in it's own time, because if a person genuinely cares about you they'll either never leave or they'll find their way back to you.

    • Wow you said that really nice. i think you are right, I should not ask. And maybe she felt that way when we broke up but a silence for so long can change peoples mind a lot. I love how she said she still thought about us this Christmas and it made me smile but at the same time feel a bit lonely. Maybe I'll ask her out for coffee one of these days.

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    • May I add that my wishes to the Asker - good luck! I'm stuck in the same situation, except that it seems my ex is seeing someone else right now (I've asked him but he avoids the question altogether), and I don't think he trusts me enough to open up just yet.

      As for the Opinion Owner, thanks for writing this. Made me feel a whole lot better.

      And to both of you, cheers to a new start in 2016.

    • I like the way the last paragraph was worded. It's spot on

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