Guys, would you try win back a girl you messed up with?

You are dating a girl you have feelings for a see a real future with but then comes along and easy trashy girl who puts out and suddenly your tempted by her a bit because she's so easy. You and the slutty girl flirt and The girl you see a future with finds out and decides to leave you. You realise you messed up. Would you chase her? Would you try win her back? Would you let her go?
  • Yes I'd chase her right away
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  • I'd let her cool off for a week before I try win her back
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  • I'd wait till I sleep with the easy girl then try win the other back
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  • I'd let her go
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What Guys Said 1

  • Voted B. I would wait for a while, then sincerely apologise to her. If she decides not to forgive me, I would still respect her decision and let her go. Because after all, it was my fault, so I should be prepared to face the consequences.


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