I need closure! Should I text my EX?

Been single for two weeks. It has been okay but also quite difficult just coping with the feelings. We dated for almost three years. Everything was great until it got complicated. I met him two weeks ago and we both left with a friendly tone and even kissed... I didn't directly tell him the real reason I broke our relationship up and told him I would tell him one day when I felt better about the situation. I keep thinking about telling him it since we broke up and I can't stop thinking about telling. I just want to tell him, get a closure and move on properly. I was thinking of talking to him after a month but I am unsure cause I just don't know how I will react, he will react, feelings... He told me he would text me in summer just to check up on each other like friends but I think that is too long to wait... I don't know!

Should I wait (until summer) or should I tell him after a month break? I am also scared that he will reject me since I was the one that broke it up (we were still in love) and he haven't texted or called me after the break up...


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  • Well it does kind of depend on what your reason for breaking up with him is. If it is super huge and has the potential to hurt him then wait for a month and a half to two months to where his pain isn't raw anymore. Bear in mind just because you guys are broke up doesn't make you any less vulnerable to eachother. Be careful with his heart. You DO still hold a piece of it after all.

    • We broke up cause of dishonesty from his side (almost ended in him cheating) and me struggling with my mental health.

    • I'm sorry I didn't mean to pry. But if that's the case and it was a breakup do to his moral failings and you wanting to take care of yourself then by all means tell him in two weeks when you're comfortable.

    • No it is okay 😊 Thank you! I just want to know if I am making the right decision.

What Girls Said 1

  • If that will help you. Then yes do it.

    • I am very nervous but I think I might do it!

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