Why does it still hurt?

About 3 years ago the relationship I had with the one person I ever truly loved came to an end, I was devastated, and to be honest I never really seemed to be able to move on like she did. We would message each other once every few months maybe, if that, just to see how the other was doing, not really getting close to each other again or anything. But today, I found out that she is now engaged to her boyfriend, and that hurt a lot more than it should hearing that. I just don't get why this still hurts me. Why was I never able to move on completely, why does it hurt so much to think of her with him? 3 years is more than enough time to get over someone, but I can't seem to do it. All I want is to have her back in my life, but I know now that will never happen.


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  • Have you started dating other people at all? It may help you to get back on the horse get out have fun and meet people! I know it feels like your heart will never heal but it will. Just change your thinking a little bit. Instead of saying to yourself I want her back and can't have her-say that you're happy she found happiness and you will find yours too one day. Remember the things that caused your relationship with her not to work-don't focus on the things you miss focus on your happiness in the future! Some lucky girl is waiting patiently for an awesome guy like you to love her forever.

    • I've dated others, but all my relationships these past few years seem to be ending poorly, it's like as soon as I begin to be happy the world decides to play some sick joke on me and end things. I understand trying to focus on happiness and the future, I guess I'm just having a harder time with that than I thought I would.

    • some people take longer to heal than others and thats okay... but when you find yourself sulking try to remember that the pain is temporary and don't let yourself get so down that you can't get out and meet other people. It's okay if some relationships don't work out-everyone we meet is for a reason and it's shaping you into the person you're meant to be.

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  • There's nothing more painful than knowing someone who used to love you... loves someone else. At the moment your heart is broken and you still love her with all of the little pieces. Sometimes you never stop loving someone, the feeling fade in time but you somehow find a way of surviving without them. There comes a time when you just have to accept that some people can stay in your heart but not in your life. 💗


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