Is he angry because he wants me back?

I have a question about my situation. Me and my boyfriend of 7 years broke up exactly one month ago, I broke it off with him but only because he was acting distant. It's been completely no contact since but I broke down and texted merry Christmas today, which is the day after Christmas, his response was rather rude, he told me to take my day late Christmas wishes and shove them. My question is was he so nasty because he still has feelings for me?


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  • Prolly just doesn't want you to start tearing his heart out all over again. You ended it leave him be so he can move on with life. If he had wanted to talk he would have called / texted you

    • This is not the first break up though, the first time we didn't talk for 3 months, then he came back.

    • That doesn't appear to be his intentions if he blew up like that

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  • Yea he's hurt and he's mad at you. But I'm not sure why if he was distant. Guys are hard to figure out. I'm married been married for 10 years and I sometimes still can read my husband! I'd nor text him again if he wants to talk let him holler at you.

    • Yeah I agree, I'm not going to say anything again unless he does first. I was just trying to be cordial since it's the holidays. I was just wondering where the animosity came from...

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  • something about the way things ended is obviously still bothering him... makes me wonder what he would have said if your merry Christmas was on time.

    • Me too, I was thinking that.

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  • Yes I think so, but you need to tread carefully. With this question do you want to get back with him?

    • Maybe, I'm not really sure. If he would act like he used to then yes.

    • in my opinion look back at those years with fond memories and then move on with life. If he's being rude then treat it as leering him vent and just cut the cord and allow him to move on too.

    • *letting

  • Yes and no you probablybhurt him badly and he is angry an here you go out of the blue texting him for no reason you don't get over 7 years quickly he's is probably working on getting over his feelings for you... My ex of 5 years did the same thing lol so I know how your ex feels

  • He's being nasty because I would most likely rather not hear from you.


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