Why am I recalling him? Why am I crying?

We broke up 2 weeks ago, i have passed by getting help from friends and family, going to a therapy, going out, going through a mind and emotional closure. Feeling guilty and getting angry With him in my mind.

And one of the most important things is That i haven't called him since our break up.

But right now is Christmas, i have flu and i feel very depressive and i want to call him.

In part it is because we didn't break up formally. He Just didn't call me Back, i tried to call him but I Was sent to the message system and so i sent him a good bye message which even he hasn't answered yet.

Why i still miss him?, even if i call him i am sure he won't contact me.

Is it normal to have a recalling? Could things get Just worse if i contact him now?


Most Helpful Girl

  • Of course you miss him. Scientifically it's because there's good chemicals that you release when you were with him. Now you don't have the good chemicals so your brain misses him and craves the chemicals. But whatever you do don't contact him, turn your phone on airplane mode and leave it somwhere.


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  • I think things could get worse if you don't try to have a talk about why

    • You mean to try to contact him?

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    • I am not sure, what will happen if he doesn't want to answer me?

    • nothing at all

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  • It was only 2 weeks ago, and oh my god its horrible to be ignored. You didn't even get acknowledged, you poor thing. You'll have these days, but you'll move on faster if you don't call him.

    No contact is best... He doesn't deserve you.

    Distract yourself... somehow.


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