Why does my ex want to talk constantly one moment, but then ignore me the next?

My ex boyfriend and I had to break up due to factors out of our control. Neither of us really wanted it, but we had to. He was the one who did the official breaking up. After about 4 months of no contact, I finally reached out to him and was surprised by his response a few days later. He told me the reason he didn't talk to me is because he felt like we both needed space, and that it hurt too much to talk to me and be reminded of what he "let go".
From then on we began to talk at an increasing rate- we texted, called eachother, and videochatted more than we did while we were together. He was almost always the first one to initiate contact every single day. He told me that I really meant a lot to him and that he was glad we could be friends. After about a week or so I admitted that I still had some lingering feelings, but he said it didn't change anything but hinted that he felt slightly guilty because he didn't want to lead me on. I told him he wasn't and we continued to talk like that for weeks. He told me he regretted not trying to talk to me about his feelings and work things out instead of breaking up. Both of us were reverting back to some old habits from when we were dating, and then all the sudden, he started to fade. He stopped contacting me first, and when I contacted him, he would reply occasionally but not nearly as much as he had been. I'm kind of confused by this, as I was really sure that we were on our way to being really good friends again. What could be going on?


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  • He's obviously indecisive about what he wants right now. He seems confused about his feelings. My guess is that he cares about you as more than just a friend, and finds it difficult to let go of what you both had in the ��past. He seems to past, but is too scared to admit that.

    Personally, I believe if two people who have a history together can remain friends after a breakup... they were never really in love or they still are. It appears to me that there's still something between you both


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  • He said he didn't want to lead you on. The reverting back to old habits may have led him to pull back because he doesn't want to do that.


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