Help!!! So how do you know your ex wants to start going on dates with you again?

I mean we went to the movie's and got dinner after but I don't know if that is considered a date


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  • You ask him. Post break-up meetups can be a really difficult situation. And that's just because you're trying to figure out what everything means.

    Going to a movie and dinner does seem rather date-ish, and I'm sure many other people here would agree with me. But does that mean he's exploring the possibility of getting back together? We can't know. You'd have to ask him to be sure.

    • We'll the thing is we been just hanging out for quite some time now but this last week he actually asked me to go to a movie with him. So now I'm all confused because I'm kinda shocked tbh

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    • Yes. but going slow and understanding the other person's expectations are two different things.

    • I know you need to have both. So what were you saying?

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  • I'd say movies and dinner seems like a pretty good indication of things moving forward. If he keeps trying to meet up then it sure seems like he's hinting at dating again. Movies and dinner is definitely date-ish for me.

    • We'll why wouldn't he take me on other dates now after one? He said he had a good time

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    • Why is it a big no no? Who cares anymore if he's going out with you

    • Unless he told you he wants to get back there's absolutely no reason to waste your time on a ex. Are you two back together? If it has been 2 months with no changes then I'd rethink things..

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