Guys, how do you feel about a girl that ignores you?

Let's say you guys dated and you ignored her afterwards because you didn't see it going anywhere, then she messaged you a long text that she's scared she might be pregnant. You message her back an even longer text, obviously dumbfounded and a bit frustrated after that she ignores you completely (she's hurt but let's say you don't know that because there is no response)

How would you feel, seeing her still coming online, changing her profile picture but refusing to reply?


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  • I would somehow try to contact her. Because if she is indeed pregnant, then I need to take joint responsibility for that mistake, and I'm not chickening out.

  • I'd need proof of the baby's actually a real thing and its not some clingy act

    • How are you supposed to know when she refuses to answer afterwards? The things he has written to me (my experience) were rather hurtful even though I know he was trying to be rational about it but the wording was just downright degrading in some ways that I keep telling myself I'd rather not talk or else I'll explode and say hurtful things in return.
      I am just asking you guys on here to get a perspective on how he might feel right now and whether I should just 'woman up' and call him instead or wait for him to see if he cares enough to call me because I asked for a call, not a text. Too many ways to misunderstand a text.

    • Ask him to meet in person. Time and date set and make it a familiar place

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