Ex looking through my things and more?

We have a son 2gether so he came over to visit him for a while. We needed to wash our hands (diaper) so we did,and I handed him a towel from the cabinet. He went and put the towel always but when I looked in the mirror I could see him looking through the cupboards. He was very nice, and I never mentioned it to him.

Then he left but I could see that he was just sitting in his car watching me and our son through our living room window. I tried not to make it look like I noticed. after about 5 min I saw him drive away. So what is going on with him?Its a little weird.


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  • has he ever been violent or neurotic, in anyway extreme behavior? If you broke it off because of something such as that, then I would be worried and trying to figure out what he's doing. If it was just normal relationship problems though and there aren't any problems besides his telling the truth then I wouldn't worry about it. He's probably just missing his kid. If he's anything like me, I'm quite an overprotective person, and I worry a LOT about the people I care about. I don't think I could ever handle a divorce and having to trade the children.

    • He has an anger problem and used to punch his bros and sis all the time, flip over the bed, break things, and he punched a whole in the wall when he learned I was filing for custody. but he left us and cut off eveyone for 2 months before that. he broke up with me.

    • I was just generalizing the "you" as both of you in the relationship. I would definitely keep an eye on him, you didn't say anything about him doing anything to you or your child so I wouldn't be scared, but I would keep a definite eye on him. I've personally been in fights with family, but I would never dream of touching a girlfriend/wife/ex. As I said though, keep an extra eye on him, you cannot be to careful. If you're really worried, I would find someone to move in with you, a brother perhap

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  • This is only and idea maybe he just looking around to make sure his son is being taken care of and in a environment safe to both of your standards. The watching from the window may because he does miss his son. I could be thinking why over his head but I thought at lest throw my shillings worth in.

    • Thats a good reason. I never thought of that. thanks.

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  • Arrange it so your son can see him in the daytime(outside your house) and if he misses him at night let them talk over the phone. Hope that helps.

  • You need to ask him yourself and see if things do get more progressive in this.

    • I thought of that but he lies alot, so I know he'd most likely just say that he wasn't.

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    • Thats actually the way things are but when they miss eachtoher I don't mind that he visits for a while at the house. usually only 20mn to an hr.(usually before our sons bedtime)

    • Well as long as you are allowing him to enter your home you really have no control in what he sees or does.

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