How can I get him back?

My ex broke up with me over 3 months ago after being together for over 1.5 years I kept limited contact and would only text him once every month or few weeks because I wanted to give him space and didn't want to beg for him which is what I wanted to do. I texted him the other next basically proclaiming how much I love and miss him he replied that he thinks about our memories all the time and misses the good times too but doesn't think it could work out if it didn't before. I replied apolagising and he said that there was no harm in trying and telling me But he thinks its too Late to try fall back into things. I know I wasn't expecting him to suggest getting back together but I really want a chance to see and talk to him. Is there anything I can do? We are still texting back and forth since then. I know he cares about me because he was replying to me while he was at a party last night and he did say he missed the good times too but is it really too late? I honestly thought giving him space would be the best thing now I feel like I've ruined our chances.


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  • You shouldn't have to do all that for a guy who really wants to be with you. It sounds like this guy is just humoring you and not really as into you as you are to him. Your efforts would be better spent on a guy who is equally adamant about being with you

    • For some reason I feel like it's just an act he's putting up. I can't understand how he was so in love with me and then out of nowhere he couldn't even talk or see me. Even one of his friends came up to me at a party about a month ag and told me people couldn't believe that he broke up with me and that recently he's been acting strange and that he's not himself anymore.

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