Help!!! Should I be worried?

My ex took me out to the movie's last week and then we got pizza. To my understanding it was a date right?
Then he went out with his family to a bar and there's a picture of him talking to some girl that his sister posted.

Should I be worried?

Guys comment please!!!


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  • Men can't even talk to women? Oh lord what has this society cone to?

    • Huh? He can but it just seems like it was set up for them to talk and then that's the only picture his sister tagged him in. It makes it seem like she wanted me to see it or something.

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    • You have nothing to worry about

    • Thanks! Why you think he likes me?

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  • guys who are in position to cheat = attractive.

    • Huh?
      Not everyone
      I'm just asking if I should be worried

    • just if he's ugly, which I believe it's the straight opposite

    • Attractive men are in committed relationships too so this makes no sense

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