Is what he did unacceptable? How do I get over him?

My fault was that I became rather clingy when he became busy as the relationship went long distance. And then my boyfriend (now ex) did the below to me:

1. Asked for a girl's number on facebook. She's not even a proper friend of his but his ex's bestie.

2. Sent her snapchat videos (of him smoking a joint and inviting her to join) THREE TIMES within a month. Though he was ignored.
- When I asked him about this girl, he said 'im just fucking with her', 'shes the kind of girls that all men would love to sleep with'

Is the above indicative of intention to cheat?

He also:
3. Told me all men cheat.

4. Changed his facebook status to single while still being with me for the reason that I was being too clingy!

5. Suggested an open relationship for the reason that he can't give me the time and attention I needed and didn't wanna see me in pain, so suggested me to see other guys.

6. Told me that if I wanted the relationship to work, I better do it his way otherwise he would love me less and less and less. I said, why couldnt we do it my way? He replied: THEN ITS OVER

7. Told me (when he was high) if a white girl (he's non-white and likes white) liked him and wanna sleep with him, he would

He was extremely sweet and loving before we went long distance. I have a difficult time letting go. Please tell me what you think about the things he did. Thank you very much for listening :(


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What Guys Said 2

  • Seems like the decision to break up is the right one. Not a lot of people are built for long distance relationships.

  • He's an asshole. End of story. You deserve better.


What Girls Said 1

  • What's to get over? A guy who doesn't care about you and has zero respect for you. He may have been sweet and caring but people ddon't change their priorities do. He's selfish and only cares about his own needs.💞💗


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