Make it or brake it?

Bear with me this is a long story.

I started talking to him August 28,2014 we started dating a few days later on Sept 6, 2014 so we've been together a little more than a year. Everything was great at first, but then he just changed. It was all due to him talking to another girl two months into dating.

It was a Saturday morning when it was a little past 10 and he still hadn't messaged me. Later that day we ended up going to the movies when I asked to borrow his phone so I could call my mom and tell her I was on my way home when I see her text that said yeah no one's home come over, and he had just told her he was waiting to get out of the theater etc.

So like any girl I confronted him and he lied and said she was just a friend. That night he spent it with me. When I asked if he was going over there to have sex with her he said no. So I said choose me or her. He chose me

Two weeks later he went on vacation to California to see his family. While he was there he went to a party and cheated on me with another girl. I forgave him. Only because he said "I was super drunk and I didn't know" he now a year later admits he wanted to know what it felt like to cheat on me. So again I forgave him.

He now tells me he was hoping to get lucky with that fist girl the night we went to the theater that he had started liking her and wanted to be with her.

Here is a man who claims to love me and I'm not sure if I love him anymore.

It has now been a little over a year and I'm 4 months pregnant. I'm really struggling as to weather or not I should forgive him. Because he honestly makes me feel like I'm not good enough. He makes me feel like the only way he'll love me more is if I get prettier. What do I do?


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  • Does he know you are pregnant. He might want to be more serious with just you if he knows you are expecting a child

    • He knows. He says he wants to be together but I'm having a hard time wanting to be with him

    • I'd say you should give him another chance. Not just for you but for the baby's too

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