She says she doesn't feel anything for me anymore. I need help please :( ?

We've been in a serious relationship for more than 4 years. We decided to marry in 2016. It was university, we were a really nice couple, love, romance, fights, occasionally sex... TOGETHER everytime.
Then it was a change, university ended, I got BUSY at work and paid very less attention towards her this whole year (met once in a month, no romance, and the graph declined with time).
I realized my mistake but its too late. She's been hurt a lot
She doesn't wanna see me, says she doesn't feel anything for me anymore, doesn't wanna marry ( and I deserve all that :( ).
I need to take that relation back. I really love her a lot. She does too.
I have made few plans to make it up but I really need your help. Please! (specially girls)
The topic was Relationships
And the question was just
I need help please ?
GAG changed it itself! :/


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  • well if you didn't have time you didn't have time, thats not your fault,. if she can't handle that she's mot a good person for yo. sometimes people love people but are busy.

    if you could have seen her but didn't feel like it well her response is understandable. you didn't care enough and only care now because you're r losing her.

    you didn't give much information about why things were as they were. like i said if you grassed no choice she can't hold hat against you ethically.. maybe it caused her to lose feelings but how strong could they have been.

    likewise how strong could yours have been if you had opportunity to see her but didn't want to.

    • Yes I was busy, but not that much. You know we guys are a bit careless. I thought meeting once our twice in a month is fine, which wasn't (realized now) she is a bit secretive about her feelings and wants me to figure out ( and I do most of the time) but this time, I ruined, I know she will agree, but I got to do something very different

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    • sometimes 'later' is too 'late (r)'.

      she probably most feelings bc she felt like yo were packing her and didn't really respect her in your life the way she deserved to be respected., if its that easy to be careless about someone wis thinking of marrying you.. its easy to see how she could lose feelings. its not even like you made a mistake you can make your. carelessness is not a mistake its a mode of bowing, its an outlook, its indifference.. its a fancy word for not caring. thats the message she -probably- got and she can't respect herself if she gives her heart over to indifference. that says very little about her. self worth.

      taking people for granted, is not just not nice or disrespectful. its telling them what you really think of them when the pressure is off.

      and good luck!

    • I don't want to lose her. time spent very good when we were in university together. We are compatible and loving, problem is, I became careless, new life, new job, new friends and all that. But I do love her. I think about her all the time, text her, call her. I even used to ask her to meet in a while like every week but that didn't have urge, like if she refused, i said ok. I thought myself that she can't bc she must be busy, while it was me who couldnt bc i always had some tasks to do. She wanted me to force her the way i should

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  • wow well not sure what to tell you here..


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