HELP!!! When I ask a guy to do something together and he says "one day", what does that mean?

We're seeing each other but not yet a couple! Or as of now I don't know if he wants to be in one
Guys comment!!!


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  • This can mean one of two things. Either literally one day it will happen or it's never going to happen. How long have you been seeing each other? He may need time to make his mind up, or if you're already having sex he may be buying time to avoid commitment. I think you're going to have to talk to him and ask him what he means and express your desire for a relationship with him. That should give you much greater understanding.

    • So does he expect that I'll be around for awhile or no?

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    • Ok, that's what I'm getting at. Sure, take things slow. This is too slow. I think for 2 people who are a couple to last have spoken the Sunday before Christmas, for there to be no Christmas presents, not a Christmas card, not even a call on Christmas, is way too little don't you? Is that how someone who supposedly loves you acts. I'd say let him go and move on.

    • Huh he has been out of town

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  • One day is not a day of the week, he's just stringing you along. If a guy genuinely wants to be with you, then you'll know it. If not you'll feel confused and full of doubt.

    He seems very Indecisive, and it'll be frustrating for you not knowing where you stand. You need to tell him that he needs to make his intentions clear. You can't hang about until he decides when the time is right to be together. He's in control of the situation. Don't allow him to be.

    • That's what that means?

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    • Like that*

    • We'll when we hang out, whatever we act like a couple anyways

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  • He's not so sure about you, that's why he doesn't wanna make plans just in case he ends up deciding you're not for him.

    OR he can be playing you, keeping your hopes high but not promising anything.

    • We'll isn't saying one day making plans

    • If he's being truthful, if not it's a vague point in time to keep your hopes up. It's gotta be one or the other.

    • How do I know if he's being truthful?

What Girls Said 2

  • He's either not interested, or he's acting mysterious and attractive.
    How does he say it? Does he smirk? Does he say it in a flirty way? Or does he shrug it and be like 'hmmm, um, well one day?"
    If it is the latter, then I think there's a possibility of him not wanting to embarrass or hurt you.
    If it is the first one, then he's acting mysteriously trying to get you attached to him more. Or at least, this is my interpretation.

    • I don't know I didn't look at his facial expression while he was saying it but it sounded normal to me like he didn't sigh like he was brushing it off if that matters

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    • Maybe he didn't want to hurt your feelings or embarrass you.

    • He could of just said maybe. I heard that one before

  • If he says you will do whatever and then laughs, it's not real.

    • He said will do it "one day" but he didn't laugh

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    • Even if he likes to take things slow?

    • Well, you could ask him and if he says no then just say you understand why. You already know and whenever he's ready

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