He broke up with me but still texting me every day and night. friends with benefits is NOT the situation. What motivates him to be in touch?

I asked if he is in touch because he wants to be friends with benefit. He got offended and say no and he knows I'm not one of those girls. He hated my assumptions.

Im currently away and we haven't had a chance for face to face talk since the break up last week. He reassured me there's no one else but he just think we clash in many ways even I'm the perfect girlfriend. He also asked me not to cut him out of my life.

I know I will see him when I'm back as I have offered him to drop stuff at my work and receptionist will put it at my desk. He offered to drop them at my place in person.


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  • He could potentially want to pick things up where they left off.

    • No he doesn't have stuff at mine. I have stuff left at his

    • Ohh! Sorry misread- however he could just really want to see you. But I meant he may want to rekindle your relationship

    • Oops I was reading it literally as my mine was on the stuff I left haha

      He could be as he said he might regret it. The concern is he like to avoid text from time to time when we are together but not now.

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  • Because you have given him the opportunity to be in touch.

    • Your point being?

    • His motivation for keeping regular communication with you after breaking up is because you have given him the opportunity to do so.

      By responding to his calls and text messages, you are inviting him to communicate with you.

    • Gotcha. Most men stay in touch cos thy are hoping the sex continues. He knows he won't be getting any from me. Why bother communicating? That was my original question.

  • He doesn't want to lose you so he's keeping you as a backup

    • He is simply putting me in back burner and using me...

      I will going home next week. Should I ask him to pick me up? Should this be a test?

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    • If it's his u would have burn it lol it's mine stuff at his place

    • Tell him to mail it that you don't want to see him

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