My fiance does not like to go out and have some fun. I might break up. Advice?

Hi guys, I moved to Seattle like three years ago. In Seattle, I met a guy and we got into a relationship and now he is my fiance. When we met, we decided to move in together after like 4 months of being together. I used to be happy and I made a lot of friends in Seattle in my first couple months. I'm a very social person and I was raised in a big city. However, everything has changed when I moved in with him. He hated all my friends and made me stop talking to them just to avoid having problems in our relationship. He does not like me to go out without him anywhere and he does not go out anyway! I have lived here for three years and I don't know anything in Seattle. I use my GPS when I go anywhere even to the mall because I do not go out that much. I can tell you guys how man movies we been to and tell you all the names because we been to movies only three times in the past three years. We never been to a bar because he stopped drinking and does not want me to drink. We never party our birthdays or valentines. We are always home. We do not have friends and nobody even come over. I feel I'm tired of this life. Whenever I say I'm bored, he fights with me and tell me "go party like a kid, go run around the city like a single woman... etc" He thinks only kids go out and have fun. I love dancing and I wanted to join a dancing class just to meet girls and have fun and he fought with me. We do not do sports, no parks, nothing! even our dog he doesn't like it when I take her for walk. I want to break up but I want to see what you guys think both men and women about this. Imagine yourself in my place and give me advice. Thanks ahead you guys.


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  • " made me stop talking to them" I would have left when that was initiated, because you're not yourself, you're being with someone who makes you miserable and isn't allowing you to be your true self. It will only be worse from here, and he's very closed minded if he thinks going out is for kids, on top of that you're not even old! So you should be able to go out, have friends, have fun and if he wants to be a loner at home then so be at however he should never stop you from creating your own fun.

    • All he does to my life is making me sad and lonely. I feel like I deserve that because I let him control me. I thought this what I got to do because I never been in a serious relationship. He made home feels like jail instead of a loving place. Thanks for your advice

    • No problem, I think you know what you have to do. No one deserves to be treated poorly.

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