Did he just try to replace me with his ex?

I was with my ex for a month only, in the beginning he was crazy about me always wanted to hangout, go everywhere together sleep at his place. He bought me flowers, introduced me to his family and kids. Yes he has sons and was married. He told me everything in beginning said that it's almost been a year since they been apart but he did have to see her cause he had to pick up his kids. he was insecure checking my phone a lot assuming things. But a month passed by and it seemed like he was loosing interest. He said he needed to focus on his life he's been busy and not able to give me what I want. He's 29 already stable, I'm little younger than him. When I snooped on his ex social media I seen that he wrote something on her pic like they were still together which was only 3 or 4 months ago and that's not even close to a year. Few weeks ago he had argument with his ex cause he was trying to convince her to sign the divorce papers. Was he just trying to replace me? I feel like that was too short to get into a relationship.
I mean replace her*


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  • You may have been a rebound.


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