Why would my ex answer my call?

I called him Christmas eve, we broke up 4 weeks ago due to circumstance, he got too stressed doing third year uni and working 4 days a week and having family troubles and keeping up a relationship, he just hit breaking point and said his feelings for me had not changed but it was getting harder to feel the same.

He answered, i called because i knew he would be pretty alone on Christmas due to his family troubles and wanted to make sure he was okay. Why do you think this is? He's the kind of guy that shuts off all his exes, i know because we were good friends before we got together...


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  • Probably didn't want to be alone or had nothing else to do except answer your call.

    Or maybe he misses you.

    Try calling new years or sending a message and see how that goes. Hope this helps

  • I wouldn't take a call from my ex. I wouldn't expect him to take your call.

    • okay but he did so why do you think he did? That was more the question haha

    • I read that wrong, sorry. My guess is that he took your call to be polite.

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