My boyfriend has a tattoo of his ex on his arm?

My boyfriend has a picture of his ex- girlfriend on his arm and has lied to me about it fore a year, finally he admitted to it and just kinda changed her face to a clown, but you can still tell its her, plus I had to basically beg he to change it in the first place


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  • How did he lie about it? Like he wouldn't admit to who she was? Or lying by omission, by not letting you become aware of the tattoo at all? The only thing I can justify being a little upset about is lying about who was pictured in the tattoo, but not because of WHO it is.

    You really can't be mad at him for things he did and decisions he made BEFORE you were in the picture, no matter how stupid they were. That's not fair.

    • But don't you think he should have covered it up after they broke up? and yeah he lied, he told me it was some pic from a book or sumthing... I guess he thought that I didn't know what she looked like

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