Guys, Help!!! Was this a sincere date or only because it was Christmas?

Like maybe because he feels guilty he didn't buy you a present or because he won't be with you on Christmas.
My ex and I been hanging out for awhile now and we always act kinda like a couple when we do ie. kissing, hugging, holding hands and cuddling.
Obviously after our break up my ex didn't want to go places with me because he said it would feel like a date. We'll the Sunday before Christmas he took me to go see a movie with him that I wanted to see with him and he only said maybe at the time I said that. Then we got pizza after the movie's and he was fine with that. He paid for both by the way.

I need to know if that was a sincere date like maybe he might want to start dating again like going on dates for now or if it was him feeling guilty he won't be with me on Christmas or he didn't have a present for me (I got him a little something).

Which one does it sound like?
Guys please comment on what you think!!!


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  • sounds like a date to me. Just go with it and don't bring up the break up. Don't add any pressure and see where it goes.

    • I don't want to but some people told me its because he could of felt guilty too that he didn't get me a present for Christmas or that he couldn't spend time with me on Christmas.

      Would these two things make a difference?

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    • We'll what says he's still going to date me?

    • What?

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