My boyfriend cheated on me.

Omg!my boyfriend cheated on me with my ex!he told me he was sorry but he thinks him and my ex are in love!my life is so over:(

OK I'm sorry not very descriptive,yes it's a guy, and last time I checked they hated each other,but me and my boyfriend were going to get married,now he has dumped me so I shouldn't say my boyfriend I should say my ex and my ex ex...


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  • Nah, your life isn't over. Its just time for some "me" time for yourself. You'll get over all this and find someone else.

  • Um.. Not very descriptive. Not to be mean but next time you look for a sensitive guy make sure you don't have too much in common.

    • So I know I'm not the question asker here lol, but what exactly do you mean by that? I'm rarely confused so this has got me curious...

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    • T-beezy you made me LOL. but she might be bi, and her ex is a girl

    • Yeah, that didn't process through my mind the first time I read it.

      To the question asker: If you wouldn't mind being a bit more descriptive we could give suggestions to help you through it.

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