What to do if you're not in love anymore?

Iv been married for four years at the beginning of the marriage he would disappear I wouldn't know where he was or with who long story short he was still living the single life. I have always tried to make him happy be that perfect wife never stopped trying. But now im not in love with him i love him and care for him but im not in love like i was at beginning. Just to say he is my first in everything but i am not his he has been around like they say. I dont know if this is just a phase or if my feelings aren't there anymore.
Im just tired of trying always asking for forgiveness when I wouldn't do anything wrong.
In a way I already know what i have to do but im scared to do so
I didn't really get much time to expierence much of life got married young
in some way i think if he really did love me or if it was just because he didn't want to go to jail him being 21 at the time and me 16 parents found out we had sex it was either get married or break up
so we got married its been hard up until now its been ok but iv just had so much hope and faith in him that its sad to think that we aren't meant to be
I imagined us getting old together but now thinking and realizing im not in love anymore i dont know what to do anymore.
What should I do take a break or have a divorce?


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  • I don't think anyone should tell you to get a divorce that has to be your choice you need ask your self what you want and go for it your still young so you have time to figure it out


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