He accused me of cheating, and he's not exactly wrong?

We've been together for three years now, a couple weeks ago we got into a huge argument and we broke it off. I went on a date... and I admit I did use the guy because I was really depressed at the time, we didn't actually have sex, make out, dry hump, I gave him a blow job... Anyways, we remained friends, when my boyfriend got together, we no longer do things like that anymore, but we talk and stuff. like I ran into him at mcdonalds, I was alone and he sat with me, then he walked me to my car and that was that.

Text from boyfriend a day ago...

he asked me if I was cheating..

and then he said 'cause you stop talking to me for an hour or so everyday at weird times, its got to where it seems like your almost always in town or have something to do but not be with me, you started working out and trying really hard to try to impress someone, lately no matter what I say it seems like you have some little remark about it, it feels like you've been wanting to or didn't care to get in a fight ever since around Christmas and you decided all at once you didn't want to do anything sexual, its all just kind of been rolling around and that's all I could figure, plus I've had dreams the past few nights so I figured it was time to ask...

I promised him nothing was going on..

should I tell him? even though we were separated at the time and what not?

.. The thing is.. we fought and separated a couple of years ago and he went out with a girl and it broke my heart, literally.. I still hate her and if I see her I will probably punch her out... I don't want him to feel that way.


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What Guys Said 1

  • Obviously, your boyfriend doesn't trust you, and with good cause. And you don't trust him with little cause.

    Um...a bj is sexual. Something IS going on .

    Sounds like this relationship has limited time to be fixed up, if at all.


What Girls Said 1

  • I don't think you should tell him because you guys were broken up and any thing that happen during the break up don't count


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