I really messed up my relationship?

We met on a site geared towards finding someone compatible to sleep with. We ended up catching feelings and decided to start a relationship. Yesterday I was just being a complete cow. To fill you in, my boyfriend is going through a divorce right now with his wife. This builds resentment in me with things like him not having time for me etc. Yesterday I lashed out a bit. I said somethings that were out of line. I have never done this before, and I can't say we've gotten into an argument before. He was supposed to come visit me tomorrow, but now he's cancelled his trip. There was no argument, he just said he won't be coming and ended the relationship. I checked the site and he had been on right after he told me. I'm hurt that he's looking to replace me. I've tried apologizing. I guess I'm wondering what you guys thing the best approach would be. Thanks. :)


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  • First of all its a little strange that you where dating a guy that was still in the process of getting a divorce.
    If he already ended the relationship it doesn't sound like there is a whole lot that can be done. Really the best thing that you can do is try and make your piece with him, apologize one last time for good measure and leave it out in the open.


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