Guy keeps blocking & unblocking?

Hi all! So i was dating this guy, we've been constantly texting the entire day and having phone calls over a span of 3 months. However, things ended very quickly as I felt that something was wrong. He never ever told me if he liked me even though we had already hugged, held hands, etc. All he said was that it was "complex".

So fast forward, 1.5 months later, I had already passed the grieving stage (even though i was the one who stopped replying his texts). He also blocked me on Steam (the gaming platform), but after 1.5 months later, he started to unblock me but wouldn't say anything. Once I went offline and go to bed, he would block me again. This happened several times.

Also, we had a few mutual friends, so if i were playing games, he would have known and he kept entering the TeamSpeak server (something like Skype which allows calls) but exiting few seconds later. This also happened a few times.

I really don't know what he is trying to do because it's been so long. He does so many things but he isn't even sending any message.

Anybody has any idea what is going on or what I should do?


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  • he wants you back.. But he has no guts to tell you frankly. OR He is ready to cook up a good quarrel with you/ making you jealous that he is happy and is not feeling bad. I advise you to figure out which one is it.. and then make your move.. If t\its the 3rd case you too look happy! he ll be hurt! :D

    • Hmmm but i don't know how he can even try to make me jealous because I don't even have his social media..

    • steam is enough!

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