On good terms with my ex, but doesn't wanna talk about new love life?

Long stories short, after a year we separated we are finally on good terms and talking again. My ex is pretty responsive and polite in everything, it's like we become friends and finally get a fresh start, until I asked about his new date he just becomes defensive/abrupt.

He eventually apologized for his reaction, and I apologized too as I may have crossed the line, and I asked him if there's anything else I should not talk about or bring up, and his reply was:

"Nah, you're fine.. I just don't want to talk about relationships or anything about us in that way.. Everything else is good to go"

For sake of maintaining positive relationship, I didn't want to push him further in this regard. But I am curious though, if we are friends and over the romance, then why can't we talk about our new dating lives, as you would do with your other friends?


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  • Well because you guys are ex's and deep down you guys can never be just friends, you can't go from loving someone so deeply to thinking of them in only a platonic way, its because you guys have to because your broke up for a reason and you've both accepted it. He perhaps feels he doesn't want to talk about his love life because mentally he's not ready to share that with you and doesn't feel that you both are able to tell each other freely without feeling awkward.

    • We broke up only because of distance and to be seeing each other on frequent basis is something we cannot financially support.

      And it's been a year since we last met, so I'm not exactly sure what you say is still valid? I think ample time has passed, any ex should be able to accept this - at least a brief mention upon being asked would be fair.

      Or maybe that's just me, I don't know.

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  • As close as you are as friends the intimate details of his new relationship should remain between him and his new girl.

    • Yea, but he doesn't even wanna tell if he has a new girl. I can understand if he doesn't wanna share details, but what about the fact that there IS a new girl?

    • Right, friends usually share that.

    • Ah it's all just so strange..

  • What is the obvious answer?


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