What does he want from me? A relationship or fwb?

1. Has called me beautiful a couple of times.

2. He has asked 4 a sexy pic of me. I would but I'm not sure.

3.says I like you more than a friend. like talking to u. look forward to learning more about u.

4.Whenever we hang he tends to draw me closer to me with his hand below my waist near my hips and my arms around his neck.

5. Helped me put on my jacket and says he's a gentleman.

6. sometimes refers to me as "miss"

7. has said that he misses me a couple of times.

8. we always end up cuddling and says he likes it when I touch him.

9. Whenever we hookup he's so gentle with me like the way he goes about it.

10. We went almost three months we out talking to each other. Then he starts to poke me on Facebook. so I sent him a flirty message and he responds. Then a couple weeks later he messages me and asked if I go text him so that he will have my # cause he got a new phone.

11.tells me that I always give him the run around and he's gonna stop trying cause he feels like I always give him excuses as to why a can't do something.

12. Last time we hung out he asked me if I wanted to do it 4 a while cause things were getting heated. He knows that I'm a virgin and that I'm waiting 4 the right guy. Even though I say no he understands.

13.Tells me that I have a sexy body.

14. has asked me to spend the night a couple of times but I don't.

15. We're both in college but when he's away he's cold to me because he doesn't talk to me like we're avoiding each other. Then when he's home he wants to hang out and talk.

16.says that he has never gotten texts that I have sent him in the past. But ntelos my provider says that they were all sent. So I'm not sure if he's lying to me or telling the truth because there could be something wrong with his verizon.

17. texted him yesterday, he was in class so I said that he could text me later if he wanted to but he never did.

18.asked him how many sweethearts did he have v day he said none because he didn't want any.

19. We act like strangers to each other and things aren't the same like when we started talking.

So I'm confused. I do really like him but I feel that he so hot and cold with me. I mean we're so comfortable with each other. We have done everything else besides have sex. So I have decided to back off and not make an effort. What do you think?


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  • Sounds like a player to me. He probably sees you as a FWB. Doubtful you're the only girl he has this kind of relationship with.


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