Sleeping with girl with boyfriend?

So i was sleeping with this girl 4 years ago she was with this guy for about a year & i ended it cause i developed feelings for her so i stopped seeing her. So recently after 4 years of not having anything to do with each other we start sleeping with each other again & i guess kind of dating but she still had the same boyfriend so we are doing this for about 4 months & she is telling me she is going to leave him to be with me but after a while things were not developing & she wasn't looking like leaving him so i got the shits & blew up & told him what had been going on i guess to put everything on the table so we could get a result anyway he blew up at me & i heard they got back together & were working things out so i thought that was it & i was moving away while this was all going on & she new that & she was telling me she was coming with me but due to what happened i moved away & have recently contacted her cause iv seen her round here & she is now seeing a guy in the same city i moved to & she was going to move with me so she is like 800km away from were she should be but won't really talk to me she is just being rude & bitchy to me all she told me was i am seeing a guy here & i got a job here this is 2 moths after we stopped talking is this coincedance or is there more to it?


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  • This is a pathetic tale of human behavior at its worst. She is being unfaithful to a boyfriend by being with you and you know she has a boyfriend. You know that she does not have feelings for you and you hook up again, knowing that she is still being unfaithful to the same boyfriend. You tell the other guy his woman is being unfaithful, he stays with her, and she is now being unfaithful with someone else and. . . with all of this history, you are upset because you think she owes you something? No one in this story has any respect for their obligations, so don't expect to collect whatever it is you think you are owed.

    • No mate the couple broke up

    • And she told me she had feelings for me which is the reason we started to sleep together again

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