Was that bad?, did I show weakness?

It has been more than 15 days since our break up. I though in calling him just to know how he is, but thinking in our old friendship (we had been friends before we dated, and also I saw some news about crime and kidnappings near the place he lives), I tried to call to his home through the phone of my house, but just when his mother called, I just hanged up.

I think it was just a weak moment from me to contact him, I feel bad for it, and I can't remove it. I want to think that my call is going to pass as nothing because his mother called and I hanged up so he won't know.

Was calling just to know if he was fine bad (even if he doesn't know)?, did I show weakness?


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  • Showing concern for someone else's well-being is never weakness. On the other hand, he may interpret it as weakness if he found out, even if he's wrong, so... Not much you can do about it now, either way.

    I wouldn't worry about it too much.

    • You are right, worrying is going to make things worse, like wanting to call again or trying to fix it, but in a more anxious and desperate way. Hopefully his mother is going to think that it was a wrong dial and not considered something important to tell to his son in part because I hanged up without saying anything.

    • I choose you not because you are the only one, but because you gave me a sensitive and nice answer.

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  • Congratulations, you qualify as a human being!

    To show concern about how he's doing genuinely shows you care about his well being, but also proves you care enough to let each other off the hook slowly.

    When you are with someone, friend, family, or relationship, you merely cannot RIP each other apart by not being together.

    Quit calling, go see him, and be the first to say you're sorry.
    I he doesn't want to see you, give a note to his best friend to read.

    Try this:
    MR GRUMPY PANTS (fill in his name), im sorry we both had to go down this path, but i truly care about your well being and still want to check in with you from time to time. Do you think it would be beneficial to check in from time to time and see how we are both doing? This isn't easy, and I really need your help as a friend.
    Will you be a friend again?

    • Thanks for your advice. However I don't have any of his friends' contacts. Neither Face, nor any social network.

      I think the most reasonable thing is to wait a time after February

    • So he won't think That I want to return to our relationship.

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