Why are some exes mean?

I haven't tried to make him jealous or done anything like that towards him. He is showing off to an extreme (I'm not joking) how good his life is going and he rubs his new girlfriend in my face. I def get a feeling that he is trying to make himself feel better. I'm trying not to get into detail but that's what he is doing. I haven't made a sound or anything but I have to admit that I do feel hurt. I just don't understand why some people are like this especially not him, why does he feel the need to show off this much for me? It started especially when I unfollowed him on social media. We drifted apart but I called the shots if it helps. Have I hurt him? Is he just a jerk?


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  • Maybe you have hurt him or he feels you have hurt him but he can't get over you so maybe it makes him feel better about himself i dont no going through the same shit & it sucks my ex has made a massive effort todo the same for me its so stupid


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