Is love really holding me back from leaving?

me and my boyfriend are happy at times...but the cheating started actually never ended..i was messing with him while he was with somebody and he so called left her for me..but she is 5 months pregnant by him now...we been together for a year and a few all his cheating brought negative energy to me so I cheated..told him about it..but he still spends nights I have this attitude if you can kick it I can kick it I spend the night out at times...when we are happy we are inseparable..we love each other dearly but as soon as one f***s up the next f***s we aren't moving up in our relationship..we stay together we have a lot going..but I don't know what to do love really holding me back from leaving


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  • lol.. what the hell are you doing? honestly? YOU ARE SELLING YOURSELF SHORT. GET OUT OF THIS SITUATION ASAP ...LMAO. What about this situation screams 'relationship' to you? You said it yourself:

    "we aren't moving up in our relationship"

    well, what are you in it for then? All this situation is gonna do is age and stress you unnecessarily, in addition to KEEP YOU UNAVAILABLE from a worthwhile dude that will actually want to build something with you. You're straight up wasting your pretty on this dude.

    If you think the cheating up to this point has brought negative energy, the sh*t is about to get even worse! Think about it: SHE IS HAVING HIS BABY IN 4 MONTHS (or less). Once that baby is born, it is not going back lol. He will have even more of a solidified tie to her, and an obligation to his child. However shaky your relationship with him is, it's only going to get weaker not stronger.

    This is one of those situations that is a train wreck waiting to happen. Bail.

    p.s. You really shouldn't focus on how much you love him at this point. Because the CIRCUMSTANCES are what is f***in y'all up, not love. And if you REALLY think about it, the more you focus on how much you love him the WORSE it's gonna hurt once the baby is in the picture and complicates things even further. Not to mention haviing to stand by while ANOTHER WOMAN HAS HIS CHILD. This sh*t is just gonna f*** you up. Bail bail bail lol.

  • i had the same similar problem except the baby is now 7months old , I stayed with him until then and trust me its not worth it. as much as you love him, leave him. it will hurt a lot but trust me you will notice your better off without the drama.


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