Guys, HELP!!! Why is this guy acting like this?

My ex took me on a date the Sunday before Christmas- movie and pizza. Then he went out of town for the holidays and is still out of town.
My problem is that he hasn't been answering me all week. I know he's out of town and might not get good signal were he's at but he could answer my texts.
He said he had a good time when we went out so I don't get it.

Why is he acting this way?
Guys comment!!!


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  • I think your ex spend a fun time without any purpose. look at you guy's... acting like a couple, but you're not couple anymore. just ask yourself... if he really love you, then why did you guy's broke up? argument ends with fighting? it's normal... argument provides an opportunity to unleash your bottled emotions.
    long distance love? It's just a recycling for feelings and will end with disappointed.
    cheating? I let you chose. I don't think that person will change for you, as you changed for him.

    simply you've to know the cause of the problem, not ignore it as you do.
    lie to yourself and I guarantee that you'll spend a long time in (he love me, he love me not).
    be honest with yourself and you'll see the truth clearly.

    Good luck...

    • You know what I didn't change for him and he has been opening up to me over time

    • do you ensure that the end of the relationship will be as you wanted? (not as he wanted)

    • I don't know yet it really doesn't matter as long as we're together

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  • Well he had a good time and didn't expect anything to come from it, he's out of town now and is resuming with his life. At least you know he may not get a good signal and he could be busy.

    • But he's been online so

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  • Ahhh.. I hope he is not that type of guys who likes to get attention. Probably he wants you to worry about him, pay much more attention to him to boost his ego. Or maybe he is just a heart breaking psycho. Or as you said signal problems.. It is becoming really hard to understand humans when each year passes.. The most easy thing is sit and wait. Act normal. Dont give him over attention. Act cool. Eventually you will learn. Better than being in stress because of thinking the outcomes

    • It's funny though because he comes online but won't answer me

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    • You acted* like a couple when together in past (weeks). But the problem here is the future.

    • Yes and it has been since we broke up so I don't think he's going to change

  • HE IS YOUR EX ! He doesn't owe you a thing and shame on you for messing with your own emotions and for giving him the time and ability to turn this into friends with benefits.

    you are hopefully not this clueless are you?


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