I miss my ex girlfriend a lot I just want to get back with her how could I make this happen?

I really want to get back with my ex she broke up with me because she couldn't handle a relationship because she was depressed I just want her back it hurts


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  • Perhaps Knowing she has a mental problem of Depression, you could go slow with your flow. She may have felt trapped in a Real Relationship she could not only 'Handle,' but felt in her own heart, she was letting you down with her frown.
    Contact her and tell her you want to be there for her. Tell her friends is fine for now and that you there with a shoulder to cry on, to lean on, someone to depend on, and maybe with That... You will win her back.
    It takes Someone Special to deal with Someone who has a problem. Guys like you are why girls like her will heal faster and get back on their Feet, feeling less Defeat.
    Good luck. xx

    • I would advise against this.

      She will only see you as a friend and will lead to you having feelings and emotions that she doesn't have. Sounds like heartbreak to me

    • @817medic there is always a chance and of course a gamble with someone with mental illness but it doesn't hurt to try and help if you can and if everyone in the world gave up with these sort of people in need, there would probably be more suicide. xx

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  • sorry mate, it works like this. You can't control others opinions or thoughts, only your own.

    Cut ties, don't look back. You don't even know if that was the reality she was talking to her or her just trying to be nice to not hurt your feelings.

    Its harsh yes bro but there are plenty of fish and you're still so young. Focus on yourself.


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  • You're going to have to wait if you want that. She wasn't ready for a relationship, you have to respect that.


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  • Don't do it man, you need to move on!

    • I know it's hard I want to but I can't push myself to do it

    • You really need to man, I've been through it and I know how hard it is, all you want is her back and you don't see why it's unreasonable. But it's not gonna happen so all you do is make yourself miserable while you hope it'll change and you can get her back.

    • It's all good I'm over her now I worked hard at the gym the last 2 months and got good gains I'm happy now :)

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