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without givig too many details: I'm having huge relationship issues and I can't seem to get any decent logical advice because as we all know our friends usually just tell us what they think we want to hear. But in a nutshell... I'm not "happy" in my current relationship im just "content" and there is an opportunity for me to change things but I'm scared of the possible outcome as the unknown scares me and despite my emotions and feelings about my current relationship, I do care about my partner very much... HELP... will give more details if anyone wants to chat


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  • Sounds to me like it's gone a bit stale and monotonous. Send me a message with the details of the issues.

    • I also take it the polarity between you both has shifted. You being more of an alpha than him.

  • What can you change?

    • I could end things and start something new, something I've actually wanted for a long time

    • Then, end it. Regardless of how much you care about your partner, ultimately, your feelings need to be first. If you feel that the best thing to do in your life is to end it, end it.

    • that seems to be the concensus

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  • Life is too short to be unhappy. However the reasons why you are unhappy are important. Are you just bored? Or is the unhappiness deeper. If it's just boredom you will probably regret losing your current relationship especially if you really care about him

  • Hmm... You can chat with me if you like!

    If you're nIt happy with the way things are, then change them no matter how scary it is... There's always a 50-50 percent chance that what you do is going to benefit you.


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