When a guy says he likes being alonr and doesn't want to be with anyone does he mean it? Even after the 2 of you talked about a relationship?


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  • In that moment he does. There is probably some issues going on with him in regards to relationships. Scared of commitment. Scared of being hurt. Doesn't see himself as worthy. Insecurities. Low confidence unsure of himself. Could be another girl in the background or he is not that into you. These are POSSIBLE things that MAYBE going on with him. You just don't know. Guys think based on logic and reasoning. Tell him that you like him. Believe me it's a confidence boost when a woman says that to us guys. Ask him when he is going to ask you out. You're creating an opportunity for him to be a man and build his confidence if he is the guy you really want. Wish you well.

    • I forgot to add. I can see that you could be easily turned off by this guy pretty quickly if he doesn't grow a set of balls.

    • I tell him i like him all the time and we even had sex before we always talk on and off like that stage before you are together he just never made the commiment yet.. He tell me all the time im hot and im sexy. I'm crazy about him and i just want to be with him i don't know what to do.

    • Stand up for what you want. Tell him and if he can't give you that. You've got to walk away and mean it. No more messaging, calling, texting etc. Then move on with your life.

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