Chances of reconciliation in the future?

Well, here's the thing. On the 13th of December my ex decided that it would be best if we went on a "break", but then that was later determined to be a "break up". There was never really a clearly defined reason for the breakup--it went from "I don't know if I am in love with you" to "I don't feel the same anymore" etc... it was quite back and forth. Here is the thing--she is 17, I am 25. I loved her dearly as she was quite mature in some ways, but very very immature in others.

A few days ago her friend showed me a FB conversation after I posted something about getting over my ex and moving on. It went like this...

"Look at what he just posted on Instagram... I don't know whether to laugh, or cry... I think cry... I mean, it's upsetting I don't know... Some days I wonder if I made the right decision, and others I feel I did because I wouldn't have feelings for X".

She actually sent that same message to two of her friends then proceeded to instantly like a bunch of my pictures on Instagram. It was pretty much no contact for about five days up to that point.

Do you think she will come back and wish to try again at a later date, once she realizes the grass isn't necessarily greener on the other side? I hope so. I will move on as if she won't, but the opportunity is there for her to try again... if she REALLY, REALLY wants it... it will take a lot of time.

EDIT: The relationship was also long-distance (two hours away). She is moving to my city in August of 2016...


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  • I think she's too young for you. Both in a literal, physical sense and in a mental sense.

    • My question wasn't about whether she was "too young" for me... but I thank you for the input.

    • I was implying that it's better if you find someone else, dude.

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  • I think she's stuck on the fence and doesn't know which way to go.

  • personally once im over in a relationship its over there is no "breaks" since this is not high school is real life and i wouldn't go back if she really wants you let her be the one looking for you if not LET IT GOOOOOO LET IT GOOOOO


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