Why won't he just tell me when?

so my ex and I are planning to meet up and exchange stuff I said I would just give it to a friend. But he said no he wants to see me. Whenever I say a day he says he busy with work and will talk about it later. He broke up with me 7 weeks ago I'm confused if he doesn't care about me why not just give my stuff to our mutual friend


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  • He wants to see you...I'm going through a similar situation. He's going to look into your eyes and see if there is a connection. If you don't want that connection - wear sunglasses. I broke up with my girlfriend and I regret it... That's coming from a guy... she's doing the no contact rule...which I'm ok with...Trust ME... he wants to SEE YOU...! make sure you look good...and look your best...from there its up to you... He will be checking and observing big time...He does care about you..don't let him fool you honey...That's why he doesn't want to drop it to your mutual friend. I played that card before.

    • Sweet I will just chill then and stop pressuring him to meet up thanks

    • Sweet thanks I will just relax then and stop pressuring him to meet up

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  • he is looking for a reason to see you and the longer he waits is to try and keep you around longer

    I think so..


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